High School Student Scholarship Program
On Saturday February 9th 2013, The President of the Rotary Club of Brampton Flower City Centennial, Mr. Robin Singh launched the Clubs’ Scholarship Program at the Inaugural Valentines Dinner and Dance.

The program announced are for kids in the Brampton School District who will be moving on to Post Secondary Education in and who will receive $1000.00 per student towards their education costs.

The time required to complete the project starts from the second term and ends at the completion of the school year. After this, the applications are reviewed and the scholarships are awarded in July.
Community Assessment & Impact
The Rotary Club of Brampton Flower City Centennial chose the City of Brampton and the Brampton School District due to the low income number of families that lives in the City. Many bright students from such families struggle to move on from Secondary to Post Secondary schools to fulfill their career dreams due to appropriate funding from their respective parents.

By providing such assistance and guidance, the impact is both short term and long term in nature. From a short term perspective, it allows them to move on to Post Secondary and to attain their career goals.

From a long term perspective, it give them to opportunity to give back to their Community and to their Country. It gives them the opportunity to provide a better live for their family and a better education for their Children. These are the Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Politicians and Prime Ministers of the future......THAT'S THE IMPACT

Finally ­ They will be the Rotarians of the future.
The Club's scholarship committee developed the Scholarship Application Form. During the Month of January the committee meet with School Board Trustees and select School Principals to determine the five schools would be interested in participating in our Scholarship Program.


Picture of the students that received the Scholarships in 2014


Picture of the students that received the Scholarships in 2013